Welcome to our website! We perform amazing circus skills entertainment - comedy juggling shows, interactive stilt walking and memorable roving acts

We have performed our acts for a wide range of clients including English Heritage, London Paralympics, at film launch parties, for festivals, promotions and weddings  



Juggling Shows ~ Stilt Walking ~ Workshops

Court jesters of good repute
Baldwin the Fool and Godfrey Pugh bring jester juggling jollity to any event. Official Resident Jesters to Alnwick Castle of Harry Potter film fame.

Victorian Gents

Juggling ~ Stilt Walking ~ Penny Farthing

Sophisticated entertainment for the discerning audience. Philleas Fopp and Montague D’Andy are consummate entertainers of most excellent skill and good humour.


Juggling ~ Stilt Walking ~ Roving

Arrgh me hearties! Be you ready for the pirates. Cap’n Jack Rackham and Bosun ‘Ned’ Bones are here to entertain one and all with their sword fighting, knife juggling and whip cracking.


Juggling Shows ~ Circus Workshops

Comedy circus jugglers Philbert and Norbet Hall - a comedy juggling duo worthy of a surname whose big brother is Albert. Colourful circus fun - comedy shows and circus workshops


Juggling ~ Roving ~ Stilt Walking

'Celebrity' chefs like you've never seen before!
Monsieur Gordon Bleu & Nigel Sous are chefs who create a real stir at any event. A fantastic flambe finale!

Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson

Stilt Walking ~ Penny Farthing

The world famous detective and his faithful companion
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as you’ve never seen them before!


Juggling Shows ~ Roving Acts

Edwardian bathers or sportsment. Peregrin Ponsford and Lord Charles Chumley the Third. Edwardian gentleman of leisure - swim, stroll and talk about cricket

Zoot Suits

Juggling Shows ~ Stilt Walking

Zoot suits and cool comedy juggling.
Alfonse and Luigi Zoot wear sharp suits and their sharp wit means that these guys keep everyone entertained

Medieval Peasants

Roving Act

Medieval peasants and their cart. A comic roving act that will keep everyone intrigued and laughing while they try to treat anyone with an 'illness' with their homemade remedies or take them away

Vintage Circus

Juggling Shows ~ Roving Act

Vintage circus entertainment with a side show or ringmaster twist. Comedy characters and amazing juggling skills from the world famous Hall's Brothers Circus Spectacular!


Penny farthings ~ Stilt Walking

The long arm of the law. Sergeant William Cuff and Constable Robert Dents. Two traditional British Bobbies. Not only the long arm of the law but the long leg as well!